05 June
 Cohasset Yoga Center
 124 King St - 02025-1360 - Cohasset - United States
 Veronica Shaffer
KNOW YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS Friday, June 5th • 7:15pm – 9:15pm Cost is $35.00 @ the door or pre-register for $30 Please pre-register 781-383- 3141 Cohasset Yoga 124 King Street ( route 3A) Cohasset, MA This class is about the four most important numbers in your life and their effects. Learning about these numbers are tools to provide you with access to new opportunities and a better understanding of what is happening in your life. Learn about your life, personality, destiny and more all from your personal numbers - Life Lessons Number This number is about the lessons you came to learn in this lifetime. Soul Number Soul Number is the inner you, your real personality. Outer Personality This number is how we present ourselves to others. Path of Destiny This shows what you must do in this lifetime. What you came here to Manifest. Personal Year Number What is happening in your life in 2015 ? Veronica Shaffer teaches popular intuitive and numerology workshops throughout the New England area. She is a Reiki teacher, Polarity practitioner and graduated from Touching Spirit, a three year healing program. Ronnie taught yoga and meditation to women in prison for five years and also taught creative writing to men in prison.

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