Nude at the Ruins with Freya Gallows

 23 May
 Glen Mills, PA, United States
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 Ivy Lee
YOU MUST MAKE PAYMENT VIA LINK TO SECURE YOUR RSVP. YOU MUST ALSO BE A MEMBER OF THE MEETUP GROUP AND RSVP THERE AFTER PAYING: May 23rd- Glens Mills, PA area - Outdoor Ruins Location Model: Freya Gallows Group Shoots only : 11am-2pm, 4pm-7pm (3 hour sessions) This will be kicking off our first shoot back at the amazing ruins that everyone loved last year. This will be a bit of walking through the woods. There are amazing ruins on this property that are preserved. There will be a backup location for indoors if weather does not cooperate. Freya is stopping in the Philly area as part of her east coast biking trip. to find out more about it, check out her site :) Freya Gallows *As always, I will provide you with a FULL model release signed by both models, unlike many meetup groups that only provide restricted releases* The Location: • There is very limited parking around this area so we will be meeting up and riding together in my large minivan. Once you have paid for the event, I will let you know the meetup place soon before date. Please arrive at the meetup place 15 minutes ahead of time! Stragglers will not be accommodated. • There will be a bit of walking involved! Please be prepared to trek through trails. Be sure to pack light. It's a pretty easy trail and not too long but still not for everyone. It is only a 5-10 minute walk to the spot but it is a little rocky and may be muddy. The area has a bit of high grasses so do be prepared that your shoes may get a bit wet while walking around the ruins if it has rained recently. Wearing proper hiking boots is best. • This is a location you do not want to miss! It is also completely legal to be there. Of course nudity is technically not when not a private location, but we will help spot each other for any hikers (I've never seen another person anywhere nearby in the 4 times I've been there) • To see more photos taken at the location, check out our past links: • In the event of bad weather or this location becoming un-usable ...there will be a change of venue! This will NOT warrant a cancel from you..unless you want to lose your money paid. It's still about the model, not just location; Freya is a full-time traveling model and doesn't come here often. Group Shoots: (there are NO 1-on-1's for this!) • 11:00am-2:00pm & 4:00pm-7:00pm • We will meet and head out 15 minutes prior to the shoot. If you are late, we leave without you. It's not the easiest of trails to find where we are so if you are late you do miss out! • $125 per person • Maximum of 6 photographers • Each photographer will take turns shooting the model in different areas of the location. There will be some opportunity for "side shooting". For some sets, there will be multiple wardrobe items available to pick for your time as lead photographer. The focus will be art nudes, however. • Please bring your own speedlite if you have one. In some cases we may be in direct sunlight and you may want some fill. I will bring a softbox, light stand, mount and triggers so you can use it with your speedlite as needed. I will have my speedlite in case it is needed for those who lack one. NO REFUNDS. I will model to take Freya's place if she has to cancel (or a backup model if there is time). If, however, I am unable to attend, you will get credit towards a future event or a refund. Please email me directly with any questions. I know this should go without saying..but professional cameras only! Cheap DSLR or nice four thirds systems are fine. Film photography is always welcome of course as well. But please, no only cell phones or basic point and shoots. You need to be able to hook up to professional triggers if needed. It's okay if it is your first time shooting a model and I will encourage everyone to be helpful with each other if someone needs help with camera settings and such. No use of video during your time or behind the scenes or you will immediately be asked to leave.

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