Noyo Mathis + Yr Friends (Johnny Foreigner) + Nathan Detroit FREE ENTRY show

 19 May
 The Grain Bar
 Market Yard, Justice Lane - BA11 1BE - Frome - United Kingdom
 Hit Or Miss
Noyo Mathis Yr Friends Nathan Detroit Tuesday 19th May Free Entry All ages show NOYO MATHIS Noyo Mathis formed in late 2011, product of a shared love of music and a strong friendship. In those three short years they have developed into a tight, professional unit whose muscular, melodic sound is building a following on their home turf and beyond. Brothers Jamie and Toby Savill (bass/vocals and guitar/vocals, respectively) and Daniel England (drums/percussion) are coupling accessible choruses, vocal harmonies and technical musicianship with flourishes of heavy noise. Having been favourably compared to various artists early on, the band are forging a unique formula of math rock, indie and post-hardcore in songs that are short, controlled bursts of energy. Since releasing their debut EP, 'Tethers', in mid-2012, the band have gone on to support such luminaries as Minus the Bear, Tellison, This Town Needs Guns (TTNG), I Am the Avalanche, 1994!, Delta Sleep and Suffer Like G Did. Noyo Mathis display layers of nimble, intricate drums, complex guitar lines and thumping, dynamic bass all tied together with simple flourishes. Always building, collapsing, rebuilding. The fluidity and noisiness of some passages hark back to the early days of emo, while checking the loud-quiet characteristics of the post-rock scene. Ultimately, restraint is everything. There's loud, there's complicated, but without actually cramming those spaces with noises, there is respite in the sound. Breathing room before the next plunge. It's not happy, it's not super positive and it's not sugar-coated. There are shadows in the corners and it's not afraid to sit there. The band's two previous EPs, 'Tethers' and 'Ages' as well as their new record, 'Endure', are written as an expression of life, death, hope and everything that lies in between. YR FRIENDS Solo project from Johnny Foreigner frontman Alexei Berrow. "This is a collection of doomy songs I made mostly in bed. Self induced musical exorcism. I had a rule that if it was loud enough to be heard by someone sleeping next door, it was too loud to record. I made it all using a mess of iphone apps, a digital 8track with built in mics, and trusty cooledit pro. I’m in love with old sparklehorse and microphones records where the environment leaks onto the songs thru all the imperfections; tape hiss and crackly connections and so on. I’d much rather listen to a song thats alive with stuff like this than something professionally designed and swept sterile, and it suits my lazy stay in bed attitude to making records on my own. That bit where you can hear me cough, thats real art, that is. Bandcamp is also a huge motivation; pretty much everyone I know has a real job, so the idea that I can make money out off sitting in bed playing music makes me feel like less of a bum. Not that JF isn’t profitable these days, we just owe a lot from those days. We’ll be out of debt for the first time in 4 years this summer, and I’ll be like, yo buy my new yr friends ep cos I need to upgrade my speedboat. Serious." NATHAN DETROIT Expect a pop punk rampage from these Trowbridge lads. Big sing-alongs, high fives and stage dives; for fans of positive punk with a serious message.

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