North Carolina Royalty "MAY" Calendar Girl" Online Photo Contest

 29 May
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 North Carolina Royalty
The North Carolina Royalty "Calendar Girl" Online Photo Contest! Who will be NCR's May Calendar Girl?? ...AND... who will be NCR's 2015 State Calendar Girl?? DEADLINE TO ENTER THE CONTEST IS 5/29 AT MIDNIGHT. WINNER ANNOUNCED 5/31/15!!! Official Rules: Photos should be a headshot, can be color or black and white and be Light retouching is allowed, however, the photo should look like the contestant. No enhanced photos please, deductions will be taken for digitally enhanced photos. Photos should be turned via email to Please include Name and Age with your photo. There is No limit to the amount of photo entries per contestant for each contest. This is a great way to get your photos reviewed by NCR approved judges prior to the State Pageant. The first photo entry is $10 and additional photo entries are $5 each. Send your entry fees to The overall winner will be named NCR Calendar Girl for the month of the contest, receive $30 off the NCR state entry fee, and be featured on NCR’s FB page. With 15 or more contestants we will award a winner for 0-6 and 7 and up to receive $15 off the NCR state entry fee. Once a photo has won a monthly contest, it may not be re-entered into another monthly contest, but will be automatically entered into the 2015 State Calendar Girl contest. The monthly winner may however enter a different photo and will be eligible to win again. Each monthly winner will be entered to receive the NCR 2015 Calendar Girl of the Year Award and will be featured in the 2015 State Program Book. The winner must be present and competing at the 2015 State Pageant to win this award. A special award will be given during the crowning ceremony at the 2015 state pageant.

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