No more Slaveships! Universal Resistance against live exports!

 23 May
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 Oren Ben Yosef
No more Slaveships! Universal resistance against live exports! Join us on the second blockade around Australia and other slave-shipping states. On May 2014 we stood against the Australian embassy in Israel. We protested there while our good friends protested in Greece, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, New York and Australia. On May 2015, between the 23th and the 31th, we will be there, stronger and bigger, united against countries who buy and sell animal slaves across the seas. What do you need to do ? Join the international event page on Facebook. Pick a date between May 23th and 31th. Gather friends and activists. Make slogans, signs and everything else you can think of. Does your country export cows, sheep or other animals to other countries across the sea? Demonstrate in the streets and let people know what atrocities their country is responsible for! Does your country Import animals from another country across the sea? Stand in front of that country's embassy and remind the people who work there what they are standing for! Not sure about your country? Contact us and we will help you. Open an event for your demonstration! We will help promoting it! Keep being updated, as we will offer more activities until May comes. Join us in the resistance! Join us in the second international blockade!

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