24 May
 Ohk Oostende
 Christinastraat 113 - 8400 - Oostende - Belgium
 Jean Koolkerke
Matchbookings gives you: LOCKED Zele Hardcore Punks! Born last year, already playing around a lot. Come early and catch their fine tunes! DROP THIS 5 blokes from Kent, England who enjoy playing punk rock music, with a bit of hardcore thrown in. BURNT TAPES Athens Punkrockers from London! What? Yeah! Crazy! If Heavy Mellow Punk Rock appeals to you this could be your thing! FFO: Dillinger 4, Iron Chic, Banner Pilot NO CONTEST These Skatepunkers from Grimsby, UK aren't here to mess about! Or wait, maybe they are, those who witnessed their shennanigans on previous O-Town shows will know. If you're looking for that straightforward and in-your-face punkrockvibe you've come to the right place. Solid riffs that will make you want to drown in beer and party. JOHNY STROENTBAKKES AFTERPARTY SUNDAY MATINEE - BE IN TIME 5 EURO JH OHK Christinastraat 113 8400 Oostende

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