No Bullsh*t, Just Business

 16 May
 Worcester, MA, United States
  - 01601–01610, 01612–01615, 01653–01655 - -
 M.A.D.E. Productions
Another all DNB/Jungle event by M.A.D.E. Productions.... And just as the headlining says, here are your selektas for the evening!! Jacky Murda -Chopstick Dubplate, Congo Natty, JingBong Ting - American musician and producer now based in Barcelona, Spain, whose published works present a fusion of folk reggae themes and island vocalists with contemporary electronic production styles. "Aloha to everybody and thanks for comin round!! I produce and perform as part of Chopstick Dubplate, Congo Natty and JingBong Ting... I love tacos, guns, dogs, a wicked hook and a mean bassline :D bless!" -JM Kae Sharp - M.A.D.E., 413DNB Elzwerth - M.A.D.E., M.I.A.DNB Wisdom - M.A.D.E., Skys The Limit Big C - 4orce, Beatdown Biclops - 4orce, Beatdown ValDee - (Birthday set) M.A.D.E., Beatdown, Ravers Only This will be a limited capacity event, so be sure to buy your tickets once they become available!! Tier 1 - Extremely limited $5 Tier 2 - $10 Door tickets may not be existent if we sell out in advance!!

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