NLP Modelling with Frank Pucelik (NLP Co-Creator)

 23 May
 Avonmouth Etc Venues
  - SE1 6 - London - United Kingdom
 The Brain People
This is a special opportunity to learn from the only man who actually participated in almost all of the activities of not only the 3 originators (Bandler-Grinder-Pucelik) but with the group of UCSC students that experimented and verified most of the patterns and skill sets that the team identified and codified. There is no one else (including Bandler and Grinder) who was involved in all groups, at all levels of development, with all the different student teams, during the entire 6 years, than Frank Pucelik. If you want to know how this incredible field of NLP actually got developed and truly understand it's origins (most NLP books that touch upon the origins of NLP require immediate updates or amendments, as you'll find out during attendance), this is an unique opportunity to ask the only man who was there in person, with many stories to share and lessons to learn from. Frank will discuss what modelling was done in the early ‘70s and you will be able to understand how todays’ approaches differ from what was done during the first 6 years. The following 5 skill sets that were used for modelling will be shown, discussed, and demonstrated over the 2 days: 1. Calibration 2. Complex equivalences 3. Meta Model 4. Systematic use of negation 5. Major Beliefs The ability to build a measurable, verifiable model of change and/or excellence is a profound set of skills that few professional communicators have. You will see it presented and will practice them during this program. Modelling is far more useful, far more simple, and can be far more complex than most NLP folks have learned or use. Frank will show what kind of information was considered valuable when modeling high performers. He will also show what differences there were when modelling clients with problems, as well as why these differences exist. Case histories will be presented for discussion and demonstrations will take place. Frank will do his best to tailor the program to the interests and issues that are most interesting and valuable to the participants. Come see for yourself. It truly is the science of the obvious. Both days will take place from 09:00 until 17:00. Unlimited hot and cold refreshments included. Free parking available outside of venue during weekends. Would like to discuss this course ahead of attendance? Please feel free, we're here to support your success! Email: Office: 0208 24 24 559 £299 including VAT for the full weekend (materials included) Early booking strongly advised, this will sell out in advance.

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