Ninja Martial Arts Seminar in Virginia - Sensei Victor Acevedo

 30 May
 Quantico, VA, United States
  - 22134 - -
 Bujinkan Westchester Budo
Victor Acevedo of the Bujinkan Westchester Budo will teach a 4 Hour Bujinkan Taijutsu Seminar. New Date - Saturday May 30th Cost - $20 at the door Location - Bujinkan Virginia Budo Victor Acevedo has been training in Bujinkan for 30 years (1985). His Taijutsu has been described as both strong and soft but painful nevertheless. He reinforces basics of Distance and Timing and applies them to modern self defense. Introduction to Taijutsu, Sword Evasion, Kenjutsu (sword training) Hanbojutsu (short staff / cane), Wrist Locks and controlling your opponent. Understanding Budo. Strength, speed and previous martial arts is not required. Taijutsu relies on distance, timing and strategy. Open to all adults men, women, (minors 16 & older must be accompanied by an adult) and martial arts tradition. Dress comfortably, Sweat and a Tee shirt or your existing martial arts uniform and belt are acceptable Bring water, Bokken or Shinai, and a Hanbo. Padded training weapons are great... please no live weapons please.

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