Nilgiri Conservation Marathon 2015

 20 May
 Coonoor, India
  - 643 10x - -
 Nilgiri Conservation Marathon 2015
Let's join hands to preserve the "Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (NBR)" which is a World Heritage Site. Let us run this marathon for the awareness of conserving forests which serve as: 10 relaxing getaway 9 supply resources and raw materials 8 aesthetic value 7 heritage for future generations 6 prevents erosion of soil 5 harbingers of rainfall 4 medicine 3 oxygen factory 2 bio-diversity 1 ecological balance The charity from this event goes directly to the promotion and conservation of more forest cover by 1 afforestation 2 conservation of reserve forests 3 improving more litter traffic 4 providing a better environment for wildlife habitat 5 reducing the human and wildlife conflict

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