21 May
 Yugong Yishan
 段祺瑞执政府旧址 3号 Zhangzizhong Road #3 - 100007 - Beijing - China
 Yugong Yishan
帝音之夜——龙啸堂2015金属日5月饕餮上演 NIGHT OF DEAN - DRAGONSHOUT 2015 METAL DAY 641 / 郁 DIE FROM SORROW / 裂缝 CRACK / 诺尔 NOWER / 何言以对 KEEP SILENT / 死于情人节 DIED ON VALENTINE Metal Day was originally a day coined by DragonShout of Guitar China to celebrate the sound of metal. Soon after it spreads to other time of the year, in the hope of being metal everyday in the life! Metal lovers need many metal days! Night of the Imperial Sound-DragonShout 2015 will take place in Yugong Yishan Beijing on the 21st of May! It is sponsored by Highway Music, Chinese representative of famed guitar brand Dean, and will give out two Dean guitars to two audiences. As a tradition of the Metal Day, the audience all will receive gifts. Night of the Imperial Sound 2015 Metal Day assembles six Metal powers from Beijing and Tianjin, including 641, Die From Sorrow, Crack, Nower, Keep Silent and Died on Valentine. The Night will also sees Six Four One's release of their new album. Crack has also released recently a new EP, and all will be working hard for the fans. The Night of the Imperial Sound is also supported by new app ticket agency 黑马票务; for the ladies using 黑马票务 (downloaded and registered) get free entries with a 黑马票务 scan! 晚7:30 // 100元(现场)/ 60元(预售 | 数量有限,售完即止) Pm 9 // Rmb 100 (door) / 60 (presale | on a first-come-first-serve-basis) 女士免票 Ladies free 在线购票 Tickets online: 购票 Tickets APP:黑马票务

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