Nickels for Nicky - East Coast Street Walkers

 23 May
 Knights road and Woodhaven ~ to Columbus ave and Washhigton Ave
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 Michelle Matt
Last year 3 girls walked from Northeast Phila to South Phila, 16 miles just because we could. This year we are healthy and blessed to be able to do it again. This time we are going to do it for our friend Nicky. Nicky is not able to walk with us the 16 miles, but he has a great smile and super strong spirit that carries us down the street. You see, Nicky has Mitochondrial Disease. ~~What is Mitochondrial Disease? Mitochondria exist in nearly every cell of the human body, producing 90 percent of the energy the body needs to function. In a person with mitochondrial disease, the mitochondria are failing and cannot convert food and oxygen into life-sustaining energy. For many, mitochondrial disease is an inherited genetic condition, while for others the body's mitochondria can be affected by other environmental factors. Nicky is a little boy whos, "batteries are not recharging", as his mom says to his best friend Emma. So the costs of his growing body armor, feeding tubes, lifts and chairs are stacking up. Lets walk for Nicky. Lets help him and his family lighten the load of the cost of growing up so they can enjoy his big smile without the worry of how.... Walk part or all of the 16 miles with us on May 23, the Saturday before you head out for the holiday.

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