New Noise 呈现 presents: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU [US]

 22 May
 Yugong Yishan
 段祺瑞执政府旧址 3号 Zhangzizhong Road #3 - 100007 - Beijing - China
 Yugong Yishan
New Noise 呈现 presents: 美国器乐摇滚大牌THIS WILL DESTROY YOU [US] 新专辑 NEW ALBUM《Another Language》 中国巡演 CHINA TOUR - 北京站 BEIJING This Will Destroy You is one of the biggest instrumental bands of this planet. The band played a sold out China tour in 2013 and will return in May for 7 shows in China to present their new album “ Another Language”. The new record is critically acclaimed by music media such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone and praised for the maturity the band has shown. The bleakness is still there, as is the melancholic celebration of climaxes. A crafted blend of electronics, clear harmonies and various textures makes Another Language feel like it sums up what this band has been and become whilst showing them at the real center of their art. They’re doing what they do best: creating “short” instrumental songs that stop for nature’s gorgeous monuments but make the drive to and from enjoyable on their own, not as sections built solely for anticipatory teething. 晚9点 // 120元(现场)/ 80元(预售 | 数量有限,售完即止) Pm 9 // Rmb 120 (door) / 80 (presale | on a first-come-first-serve-basis) 在线购票 Tickets online:

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