New Device, Black Light, No Story Goes & Scream Serenity || Norwich - B2

 22 May
 496 Sprowston Road - NR3 4DY - Norwich - United Kingdom
 No Story Goes
New Device are a hard rock band from South East England, UK. Influenced by stadium rock giants such as Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and Metallica as well as taking influence from the newer breed of rock such as Alterbridge and Stone Sour, New Device manage to achieve a sound where so many others fail; authentic, solid, blues based hard rock, written by real life long fans of rock music. The band has played every major festival in the UK including being the band who opened the first High Voltage festival. They have toured with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, GUN, Heavens Basement, Backyard Babies and The Treatment as well as being hand picked by Richie Sambora to support BON JOVI at the O2 on their last tour. After the extensive touring of their phenomenal debut album "TAKIN’ OVER", New Device are ready and set to do the same with their highly anticipated second, "HERE WE STAND" After an intense few months of writing and recording, the five piece have been unleashed and are hitting the rock scene harder than ever before. Already, after just a handful of performances showcasing their new material, the band have been overwhelmed with such enthusiastic and positively charged reactions, there is no surprise that the word on everyone’s lips is that this record is set to be a giant leap forward for New Device. They are revealing tantalising hints of a powerful, darker edge to the band that sees New Device moving forward and expanding their musical range in all directions. Exploring scopes further afield than TAKIN’ OVER, the group are now a far more rounded rock band who aim to reach many areas of the musical pallet. Black Light Though this is early on into our performances with only a small handful of Black Light sets played thus far, the response and comments from audiences and promoters alike have been outstanding. We thank you for your feed back and appreciate any comments you would like to share with us via private message to our Facebook site so we may address them and improve. You guys really make us as a band so thank you for your support! We put a lot of pre-gig work and thought into our sets, stage presence and overall sound, which has so far been met with a good response. We are filled with anticipation for our upcoming gigs finishing the year nicely with the final King Edward Vii gig, with Bad Touch on Dec 20th 2014 and can't wait to rock 2015 with all of you! We're looking to push the band that extra mile and bring you all the greatest possible experience! I'm thrilled to say the band has some exciting times ahead with gigs both in the UK and abroad supporting some of the finest bands this industry has to offer! We have already been fortunate enough to work with and be in contact with some excellent promotion groups as well as making some incredible friends along the way! So to you I say, keep your eyes peeled for when we can party together next! :) Yours faithfully, The Black Light boys! Xx Scream Serenity In 2007, front man Jordan Fennell started Scream Serenity. Joining up with friends, Lewis (Guitar) and Dan (Bass) from college to rehearse, not too long after the 3 members got together they found their drummer Jamie, The 4th member of the band, they continued to rehearse and gig together and in late 2007/early 2008 recorded their first EP together. In 2008 Jamie parted ways with the band and Jordan called his brother Ethan to fill in the position as the bands new drummer and they continued going from strength to strength playing gigs until September 2008 when both Lewis and Dan left the band to further their education at university. Knowing that the goodbyes were on the horizon, Jordan spoke to his good friends and fellow musicians, Andy and Danny to fill in the newly opened spots in the line up. Quickly bringing the new members up to speed with their repertoire the band once again hit the gigging scene with new covers and new material of their own, until September 2009 when Jordan, Andy and Danny all started courses at universities round the country. Over the next 3 years, Scream Serenity was in hiatus, but all the while in the background Jordan was constantly writing, drawing from personal experiences to create stories with the lyrics, mixing it in with solid tunes he definitely had a winning combination. Jump to September 2012 and Jordan returned home from university with a mind to get Scream Serenity rolling again, armed with completely new material he set out to find the next incarnation of the band. The first member wasn’t hard to find, his brother Ethan was ready and willing to take up the space in the drummers seat. While Jordan was a university Ethan had joined another band (Endalo) with guitarist Ian, the band later broke up but Ethan had told Jordan about Ian’s influences and Jordan thought he would fit perfectly into Scream Serenity. After a little convincing Ian agreed to join and they set out writing and rehearsing whilst looking for a bassist. In April 2013, the band received a message via Facebook from a local bass player, Jason Michael Jefferies saying he heard they were looking for a bassist. The band held an audition and was blown away by his technical ability and speed with which he learnt the tracks. The band was complete! For the next several months they rehearsed and wrote together all the while tightening up as a band and in November 2013 they started recording their new EP ‘From Withered Heart to Withered Bones’ and completed in May 2014. After recording his parts to the EP, in March 2014 Ethan decided to leave to pursue other interests. So the band put the word out that they were after a new drummer and Jordan heard from his old guitar tutor about one named Jonny who was looking for a band, so they arranged an audition with him and were astounded with his technical skill and sheer dedication to his craft. Once again Scream Serenity had a full line up and started rehearsing and writing, quickly realising they were definitely a force to be reckoned with. In October 2014 the band parted ways with Jason with a trail of well wishing. Yet only a few days later they had an audition with a new bass player, a friend and former work colleague of Ian's, Paul Hardy hit the practice room with a blaze of amazing bass tone, creativity and attitude. It was very quickly apparent the band had found the bass player they were searching for. With Paul being a frontman for his previous band, Depth, Scream Serenity were now an unstoppable force of hard hitting vocal harmonies, big drums and melodic guitars. Their free debut EP ‘From Withered Heart to Withered Bones’ is available now and can be downloaded from the music page, or you can pick up a CD from a show or have one posted directly to you. With their eyes set firmly on the future Scream Serenity are now preparing to start recording their 2nd EP at the start of 2015. No Story Goes No Story Goes are a Modern Punk Rock four piece from Lowestoft. Formed in 2013 No Story Goes are planning to bring a fresh new sound to the music world. They deliver energetic live shows and tight- catchy songs that will tickle every single part of your ear buds, NSG are always out to make sure they give the best performance they can, no matter where they play or who they play to. With big influences from bands such as; Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox, Severe Zero, Crooks, YMAS, Rise Against and many more, you will not regret coming to watch these guys, and you will be wanting to see them again!

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