New Code NLP Certification, Module 1

 13 June
 Avonmouth Etc Venues
  - SE1 6 - London - United Kingdom
 The Brain People
Course Overview The New Code of NLP was designed to update the ‘Classic Code’ on the basis that Practitioners are congruent with self-application of NLP. The New Code processes create powerful contexts for change to occur on multiple levels. The New Code of NLP is constantly evolving, at this course you are getting the latest processes for creating change. Peak performance is crucial for success in any activity. State and personal congruence are key to peak performance in any area of life. The formats and processes in New Code NLP are designed to create states of excellence and help you and your clients create change at a deep level to create more choice. How is the course structured? The weekend modular course is highly practical. You will watch demonstrations and experience each New Code format as a participant and coach. If you are experienced in the Classic Code you will learn the tools and patterns John Grinder has developed to extend his original work. You will have learned some elegant processes for creating change. Module dates Module 1: 13th & 14th June 2015 (Weekend) Module 2: 27th & 28th June 2015 (Weekend) Becoming a New Code NLP Practitioner John Grinder (co-creator of NLP): "In the late 1970s I noticed a significant number of NLP-trained practitioners who were stunningly effective in doing change work with clients yet these same Practitioners had chosen to, or lacked the choice to, apply the patterns of NLP successfully to themselves. I therefore set out with the intention of designing a set of patterns that would both correct the coding flaws of the Classic Code (roughly my collaborative work with Bandler from 1972 through 1978) that could not be effectively applied unless the presenter was congruent with self application." The New Code is about being congruent in self first as a Practitioner and being able to pass that congruency onto others. ▶ New Code patterning for peak performance ▶ Alphabet Game, Nasa, New Code ball games ▶ The use of multiple perceptual positions ▶ Trigger points, sanctuary ▶ State walking and other state formats ▶ The New Code change format ▶ New Code games and other interventions ▶ How to take advantage of New Code NLP ▶ Create and calibrate involuntary unconscious signals When you learn the New Code you make the leap from NLP technician to NLP artist because the New Code brings personal artistry to the field of NLP. We all have our own way of acknowledging beautiful art, and beautiful art is as individual as life itself. NLP artistry is when the Practitioner has exercised full control of their own range, creating choice in their own personal masterpiece of life, extending similar choices to the people they work with. Certification During the fourth day of this course, there is an optional certification process, and if successfully completed, you will be offered certification as a ‘New Code NLP Practitioner’. Your certificate will be approved by our ITA lead New Code trainer alongside John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP), Carmen Bostic St Clair (co-creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll. Course Fee: £299 inc VAT Optional Certirfication: £99 inc VAT (paid after completion) Payment Plans Available: 2 monthly instalments (% free) Lead ITA New Code Trainer: Helen Doyle Bookings and Enquiries: Email: Office: 0208 24 24 559 Group size is restricted to 18 students. The trainer to delegate ratio should always be considered. >> Early booking is advised, this programme will sell out. ITA New Code Trainer Profile: Helen Doyle Helen’s pragmatic, jargon-free and firm but good-humoured approach drives her passion for working with people and we're delighted to have her join our team almost 7 years ago (time flies). She thrives on delivering over and above the expectations of our clients and seeing them and / or their businesses reach unprecedented levels. A professional trained and experienced actor who integrates much of the popular acting methodologies into her group facilitation and coaching, Helen is an ITA NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, ITA NLP Trainer and approved ITA New Code Trainer (certified in New Code 6 years ago with a huge degree of experience both 1:1 and group work). We are proud to state that Helen has been personally approved to teach New Code NLP by Dr. John Grinder and the International Trainers Academy. Helen is also qualified in Ericksonian Hypnosis (indirect suggestion within specific language patterns) and often relies on her NLP, New Code NLP and Hypnosis when helping people change, inside and outside. Fancy a chat with the team or Helen ahead of booking? Simply drop us a call or email, we're always here to help. Here's to your success! James Hutchinson CEO The Brain People Full credit to Michael Carroll for the original course description text as used within this event description.

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