Neuroscience of Dating with Dawn Maslar

 28 May
 67 Bedford Square Pittsburgh PA 15203
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 Denise Sansosti Trobee
You do not have to be single to enjoy this talk or pass this information along to a single friend! Biology Professor Dawn Maslar, will walk you through the neuroscience of love and explain how your own mind may be sabotaging your love life. This is the stuff you wished you professor talked about in school! In this talk you will learn: • The four phases of love. • Why when a man pulls back it’s a good sign. • When the best time to become sexual. • What love at first sight is all about. • How you can tell if he’s falling in love and when he probably won’t. • Why success maybe sabotaging your love life. • And, you will learn exactly what he’s thinking, even if he doesn’t know himself. Biologically we are under different pressures. When you understand what’s happening subconsciously in our brains, you can make informed decisions. This workshop doesn’t give you the rules, it gives you the tools – the tools for love. Don’t miss Dawn Maslar’s one-day only event in Pittsburgh! $25 VIP pre-ticket sales end May 25. $35 at the door. To purchase tickets:

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