Nettle Foraging and Nettle Nosh with Gwen Atkinson and Yvonne Ryan

 07 June
 Morecambe, United Kingdom
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 Gwen Atkinson
This is ‘Be Nice to Nettles Week’ and I have been reflecting on the wonders of this amazing plant which grows profusely in our environment and provides so much nutrition for us. A 100 grams has 3 x more iron than spinach, 7 x more vitamin c than an orange, nearly as much protein as soya, the same amount of calcium as cheese and is rich in amino acids. It is a delicious green edible and there are so many dishes you can make when you cook with it. So come and join us on this fun day. We shall start with a walk to gather some nettles and perhaps a few other edible greens and flowers. We will come back to my kitchen and garden and spend some time getting to know a bit more about this Wonder plant, observing it, sensing it, gathering information about it and from it and then cooking it. We will share a light lunch together and some interesting recipes. You will also be able to sample some nettle cordial which would you believe is a delightful pink color and nettle crisps. The day is about having fun and connecting more with our environment which has so much to offer us, so grasp the nettle and come out and play. Cost only £15 this includes transport to the walk, recipes, pre -made cordial and lunch

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