NEST Talks… Multilingual Life

 07 June
 Casal De Barri "Pou De La Figuera"
 Carrer Sant Pere Més Baix, 70. 08003. Bcn - 08003 - Barcelona - Spain
 Barcelona Nest: Network of English Speaking Therapists
The number of bilingual and multilingual people in the world is constantly increasing. Researchers state that more than half of the population is at least bilingual. How does speaking various languages affect us? Current studies tend to focus on language acquisition and how multilingualism influences cognitive functions. But there is very little said about what happens to our personality. The theory of linguistic relativity argues that the language we speak affects the way we see the world. But does this apply to multilingual individuals? Does our world view change whenever we switch languages? Multilingual Barcelona-based Psychotherapist Lisa Filippova will give a presentation which will be followed by a discussion between all participants. We will explore together, what it means to us to lead a Multilingual Life.

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