National Animal Rights Day (NARD) San Francisco 2015

 30 May
 UN Plaza
  - - -
 Melissa Tappis
The National Animal Rights Day (NARD), established by ‘Our Planet. Theirs Too.’ in 2011, is an annual day observed in the US. On this day, special events are held simultaneously in various cities across the US for the purpose of giving a voice to the billions of anonymous, nameless beings; raising awareness of their plight and need for legal rights that are established and protected by law; reiterate their rights to live happy and free; mourn their loss; and celebrate the progress being made towards changing this sad reality. This vision was guided by the amazing work of the Spanish animal rights organization, Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality), and its mass public events held on the International Animal Rights Day in many other countries. Here is a link to a video of Igauldad Animal's ceremony in Spain (with English subtitles): And here is a link to San Francisco's first NARD in 2014: Since the dawn of humanity, the use and abuse of non-human animals has been part of human beings' everyday lives. We have gotten accustomed to relying on animals for almost everything we do. And while we teach children to be kind to animals, there are systems of unimaginable cruelty where humans raise, kill, and use every part of these animals for their own needs: from food, to fashion, cosmetics, medicines, house hold items, labor, sports, and entertainment. When one examines the sheer magnitude of it, it's unfathomable. And it's going on every day, every hour, every moment. If these animals could talk, their chorus of cries would drown out every other noise in the world. They would come from every farm, slaughterhouse, meat market, testing lab, breeding factory, fishing pond, hunting ground, circus, zoo, religious temple, pet store, city shelter, restaurant, and dinner table, in every home on every street. These individual beings, who have a soul, a unique character, a will to live, and a natural right to do so, are just like us: they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some of them have feathers, some of them have fur, some of them have paws and some have tiny little legs. But they all share the very same thing we have in common too: they want to live with their loved ones, happy and free. San Francisco is joining ‘Our Planet. Theirs Too.’ for the second time this year. Because all individual animal's lives matter and their deaths should be mourned, just as we mourn for humans we lose or for our family members such as our dogs or cats, we will start the day with a ceremony to do just that. We will mourn for the animals whose bodies we are holding and will mourn for all of the billions of animals whose lives are stolen at the hands of humans and we will commemorate their lives. Each animal we are holding has a name and their stories will be shared. After the ceremony The Declaration of Animal Rights will be read and participants and passers-by can sign this to pledge, agreeing that animals are as deserving of basic rights as humans are. See this website to read the Declaration of Animal Rights: We will also have tabling and leafleting with many local animal rights/liberation and vegan groups as well as rescues and animal sanctuaries. List of tablers to be announced. This will provide an opportunity for participants to see what's being done to change the plight of animals and what they can do to help, especially for those that want to start getting active for animals, but have no idea where to start. More details to be announced, so check back frequently. This tradition will continue, until the day when all animals can live on their own terms, with their families and offspring, happy and free. Please join us and open your eyes and hearts to all the animals we share this Earth with. _________________________________________________ We are holding several fundraisers to raise money to put on this event. If you would like to donate directly to NARD, please send your donation to via PayPal. Please contact Jacinda Beth or Melissa Tappis with any questions or if you would like to help put on this event. Directly email us at

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