Naked Movement Bristol

 04 June
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 Calu Lema
Our first Naked Movement in Bristol was amazingly powerful... it's time for more. Yay for expansion! Time UPDATE! New info below. Thanks :D Naked movement was born out of integrating two of my passions: movement and nudity. Both explorations have allowed me to be more present and celebrate my body in multiple creative ways. Weaving themselves into my relationship with life, movement and nudity have inspired me to create spaces to honour myself and others. Both journeys have grounded me deeply and allowed me to reach states of bliss, joy and ecstasy. By bringing together two transformative practices we invite ourselves to let go of our fears, release our conditionings and present ourselves more authentically. Loving ourselves naked is loving ourselves vulnerable, exposed, flawed, complicated, undone… it is loving all our bits, the more visible and the not so visible ones… it is loving our censored, edited, hidden self. We will open the space by setting a personal intention and exploring boundaries; through presence and breath we will slowly start the journey. Layer by layer we have the opportunity to consciously release our fears and very gently uncover and discover ourselves in our own time and way. Meet your inner child in the playfulness of the beat, your wild self in the intensity of the rhythm and your essence in the simplicity of the empty spaces in between. Note: There’s also a Naked Movement in London on Sunday 7th June Naked movement agreements - Respect for your body, the space and others. - This is a body positive space. Everyone with a body is welcome. - Honouring who and where you are on your path comes first. Directions are optional. - Full nudity is encouraged but not mandatory. - Naked movement is a strictly non-sexual experience. Whole-hearted exchanges are most welcome. £15 entry - £10 concessions Don't let your financial circumstances hold you back from this experience. Feel free to get in touch to explore options. What to bring - An open heart - Comfortable clothing for the start of the session - Water - A sparking curiosity To create a safe and supportive space for everyone, participants will have to register in advance; there will be no tickets available at the door. Due to the nature of this practice spaces are limited and doors will close at 8.00pm. Doors open at 7.30pm, the journey starts at 7.45pm and last entry is at 8.00pm. Please contact Calu on (Subject: Naked Movement Bristol) to reserve your place and arrange payment. Location details will be sent upon registration. Tickets are non-refundable or transferable. Feedback from our participants “Wow! I'm still feeling blissful today after an amazing evening. What a wonderful atmosphere, and an open-hearted, free spirited tribe of liberated dancers” “So open and playful, so wild and free. The naked beauty we were born to be. Love the energy dancing you and me” “Simply beautiful..... a collective tribe came together with awareness, consciousness, innocence + playfulness. With deep gratitude” “I've had amazing and powerful dreams this night, and still feeling totally blissful, my entire body so grateful for such a joy feast with all of you, naked angels...” About Calu Calu creates and facilitates powerful spaces for connection playing with intuitive touch, free movement, sensorial exploration, emotional release and a lot of creative expression. Her journey has been guided by intuition, dreams, menstrual blood art, ancestors and nature for more than 10 years and she continues to be inspired by life’s flow whilst tapping into her own body wisdom. She is into bodywork, sacred sexuality, naked exploration, body art through movement and presence, nature adventures, inclusive connections, personal internal and external activism, authentic communication, and service / energy exchange. About Gauri Gauri is a spiritual yoga teacher coming from Agama yoga, A deep internal practise of tantric yoga. She has a strong passion and feels inspired to combine her background of tantra and heart opening work with movement. Always encouraging love openness and freedom she is thrilled to be part of this experience of liberation!

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