21 May
 himachal pradesh - - Mumbai - India
 Kunal Sutar
Intermount adventure promises to take you to new and unexplored places, whether it’s some obscure fort hidden in the thick jungles of the Sahyadri, or to the remote depths of the north-east India. So buckle up, strap on your hats, and get ready for adventure in India! This year Intermount brings you exciting Himalayan trekking & adventure program, it is at Nainital, were main attraction is forest of Jim Corbett National Park. This camp is full of trekking, rock climbing, rappelling and most exciting camp fire. So what are you waiting immediately for assured railway ticket booking!!! for More details please contact : MR. PRADEEP CHACHAD : 9819419232 MR. KISHOR KENY : 9820593434 MRS. BHARATI CHACHAD : 9833906614

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