Mystic Braves w/ The Blank Tapes and Elison Jackson @ Cafe Nine

 16 May
 cafe nine
 250 State St - 06511 - New Haven - United States
 Manic Productions
Mystic Braves w/ The Blank Tapes and Elison Jackson Saturday, May 16th @ Cafe Nine $10 / 9:00pm doors / 21+ Tickets on sale NOW: ------------------------------------------------- It's no wonder why The Zombies asked Mystic Braves to open their L.A. show last year. While the hometown favorites were barely even a blip on their respective parents' radars when Odessey and Oracle was released, the psych-steeped five-piece sounds like they stepped straight out of the '60s. And not in an obvious, someone's-been-studying-their Nuggets-comps-until-the-grooves-give-out sort of way, either. We're talking a richer, fuller plot of references (garage-borne greats like The Electric Prunes, The Chocolate Watchband and The Music Machine) that filter the band's hook-centric purple haze through robust organ rolls, runaway guitar riffs, heat-stroked horns and a rhythm section that can only be described as "restless". Especially on Desert Island, a scrappy extension of the self-titled debut Mystic Braves dropped in 2013. From the ravenous opening remarks of "Bright Blue Day Haze"—the first song frontman Julian Ducatenzeiler wrote for the outfit, making it their mission statement in more ways than one—right on through the wild-eyed melodies of "Earthshake," the filler-free effort is more aggressive than their last album yet about as immediately accessible as vapor-trailed rock music gets these days. It's sunshine in a bottle, really, which can only be expected from a group with such deep California roots. "The west coast has it all really—beaches, mountains, deserts, cities, suburbs," explains Ducatenzeiler, who's rounded out by drummer Cameron Gartung, guitarist Shane Stotsenberg, bassist Tony Malacara and organist/tambourinist Ignacio Gonzalez. "Our sound is merely a byproduct of the environments we grew up in and the experiences we had. We're not trying to deliberately channel '60s music, either; we simply write sensible pop songs from the heart with psychedelic textures and tones. It just comes natural to us."– Filter Magazine Listen: THE BLANK TAPES is the moniker of Los Angeles & San Francisco based musician & artist, Matt Adams, who has produced over a dozen albums of 1960′s inspired psychedelic-surf-pop-folk-rock on an old 8 track cassette tape recorder in various garages, basements, sheds & bedrooms across the California Coast. Lately he's been polishing up his sound in pro recording studios as can be heard on his latest 7" single "1000 Leather Tassels / Mr. Mister" released by VOLCOM & 2013's full length VACATION released by Antenna Farm Records/Burger Records. Along with his band mates, they've toured throughout America, Brazil, Europe, & Japan. Other releases have been on White Noise, 20-Sided Records, Curly Cassettes, Dome of Doom, and VOW Records. Matt is also the artist behind his band's posters & album covers. "Evokes Belle and Sebastian, Pavement, and The Black Keys – in a San Fran coffeehouse (just like the old days)." - ROLLING STONE Listen: Elison Jackson is a garage–folk/ psychedelic rock band from New Haven, CT. They band has put out three records and several bedroom-demo mix-tapes since 2011. Their third record, “Do Not Fear To Kill A Dead Man”, was released in the fall of 2013 to critical acclaim. Featuring basement organs, haunted lyrics and Neil Young-esqe guitar jams, their sound has expanded significantly from its folk roots, moving forward with a strong foundation into blues, synth, and prog. They’ve shared the stage with Akron/Family, Water Liars, The Music Tapes, Those Darlins, The Sadies and more and toured the East Coast extensively for the past two years. They’ll be in the studio for the remainder of 2014, working on a wealth of new material. Their newest single, "Ghost F*cker", is due out on 7" vinyl in 2015 on Azimuth Recordings. Listen:

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