Mysterium Artorius: Arthurian Grail Glastonbury studies with Paul Weston

 28 May
 The Avalon Room, 2 - 4 High Street, Glastonbury
  - - -
 Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre
28th May - Temple of the Stars Mystical sculptress Katharine Maltwood believed she had discovered the source of the Arthurian Round Table in the form of a terrestrial star temple, an outpost of the ancient wisdom tradition expounded in Blavatsky’s Theosophy, in Somerset. The concept of the Glastonbury Zodiac has become perhaps the most controversial aspect of the town’s modern mythology. For all the lack of archaeology and history to support the idea, something about it seems able to catalyse extraordinary experiences and transformations. We come full circle, returning to the theme of the inspiration of the landscape upon the human psyche. For more info :

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