My Book Release Party!!

 06 June
 American Croatian Club, Back Hall. 1111 West Grant Avenue, Duquesne PA, 15110
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 Jason Burke
Sooo I'm officially an Author now! For those that don't know, I've written and published my own novel, a poetry compilation called "Never Say Goodbye". In honor of this, I've decided to have a book signing/release party on Saturday, June 6th, at the Croatian Club Hall in Duquesne. The cost of the book is $7. The publishers asked for twice as high of a price, and I declined. I want to make this affordable for everyone. You are not required to buy a book to attend, but I hope everyone buys one, because I'm poor! No pressure haha! I'll read some passages from the book at the party, as well as personally sign anyone's copy that asks. Drinks will be available at the front bar to anyone of age, at very affordable prices. I'll provide snacks. Anyone that wants to bring food dishes or ipods for music is more than welcome. Just text me. Party should run from 3pm-9pm to give everyone a chance to stop by. Still hammering out the exact times. This is the biggest day of my life, and I truly hope you all can stop by.

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