Mulberry Sound Recordings presents: The Sound of Spring

 28 May
 New Brunswick, NJ, United States
  - 08901-08906, 08933, 08989 - -
 Timothy Erbach
HELLOOOOO JERSEY!!! We're super excited to announce Mulberry Sound Recordings' first annual Sound of Spring festival! Between May 28th and 31st we'll be hosting 6 shows with 20+ bands in basements all across New Brunswick. Come out and enjoy some barbecue and an unprecedented line-up of homegrown talent. We'll be announcing more and more details as we get closer and closer, but here's a little taste for ya! Suggested donations of $5 a show Perennial Reel (MSR) CachaBacha (MSR) Morus Alba (MSR) Rest Ashore (MSR) Din Strange Dresses(MSR) Diplopia (MSR) M. Rudin (MSR) dollys Professor Caveman Forth Wanderers GypsyWig Turnip King Fond Han Lake Effect Phantom Lanterns Eagle Daddy Tribal Days Maeby Funk Losergroove Mal Devisa BLKBX Super City soujourner (no music just yet!) ////////LINKS FOR THE SHOWS//////// SoS # 1 featuring EAGLE DADDY // FOND HAN // REST ASHORE // LAKE EFFECT ( SoS #2 featuring TURNIP KING (NY) // MAL DEVISA (MA) // // BLKBX (MA) // DIN STRANGE DRESS SoS #3 featuring CACHABACHA // TRIBAL DAYS // PHANTOM LANTERNS (MD) // M. RUDIN SoS #4 featuring PROFESSOR CAVEMAN // MORUS ALBA // FORTH WANDERERS // SUPER CITY (MD) SoS #5 featuring DOLLYS // DIPLOPIA // LOSERGROOVE (NY) // MAEBY FUNK SoS #6 featuring PERENNIAL REEL // GYPSY WIG // NIGHT IDEA (VA) // SOJOURNER

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