10 June
 Sibuyan Island, Romblon
  - - Romblon - Philippines
 Rai Sean
Day 1 (WEDNESDAY) June 10 Manila Departure 01:00pm – Meeting place Batangas Pier. Final Preclimb, Last Minute Preparation 05:00pm – ETD Batangas for Romblon. Day 2 (THURSDAY) June 11 Arrival to Sibuyan and Sidetrips 07:00am – ETA Romblon Port 10:00am – ETA Ambulong Port via MV Querubin 11:00am – Meet Sir Remy Robiso 12:00pm – ETD for Brgy. Espana, San Fernando via Chartered Jeepney 01:00pm – ETA Brgy. Espana at Sir Remy’s House 02:00pm – Sidetrips. Lagting Falls, Cantingas Dive, MV Princess of the Stars 05:00pm – Overnight at Sir Remy’s place. Day 3 (FRIDAY) June 12 Assault to G2 Summit 12:00am – Wake-up Call, fix things/final preparation, breakfast 02:00am – Start Night Trek (wide trail, level trekking) 03:00am – ETA Olango River, last water source on trail (next water source at Olango’s Camp 3) 03:15am – Start of forest line (assault with bouldering/semi-rock-climbing) 05:00am – ETA Olango’s Camp 1 take 15 minute break, mini breakfast 05:15am – Ascend to Camp 2 via the Newly opened Outdoor Pilipinas Trail Location: N12.40790 E122.55009 986 MASL to N12.41105 E122.55836 1322MASL (steep with mini 60-80 degrees knife-edge ridges) 08:30am – ETA Olango’s Camp 2, breakfast 09:00am – Resume assault to Olango’s Camp 3 (mild assault, less boulders/obstacle courses) 09:15am – ETA open ridge trail, with boulders 09:45am – ETA Helipad, resume assault to Camp 3 10:00am – Start of Olango Knife-Edge Ridge(parallel to Southern Ridge of Mayo’s Peak) 10:15am – End of Knife-Edged Ridge, steep/final assault to Olango’s Camp 3 10:30am – ETA Camp3 water source at RemVal’s Spring 45 mins (one way) from Camp 3(c/o guides/porters) rest for 2 hours (30 mins and lunch 1 hour and 30 mins water procurement) 12:30pm – Start Assault to Remvaldely’s Peak, open grasslands, with “kiss the wall” parts, boulders, mini-rock climbing 02:00pm – ETA Crash Site 02:45pm – ETA RemValdely’s Peak, snacks 03:00pm – Resume trek, rolling terrain, all bouldering, with mini-knife-eged ridges 04:30pm – ETA G2 Summit, with very limited camping space, no water source, Location: N12.41632 E122.56874, pitch tents, dinner, socials Day 4 (SATURDAY) June 13 Descent to Magdiwang via Traditional Trail 04:00am – Wake Up Call, breakfast, break camp 08:00am – Start Descent on Traditional Trail, all via reverse rock climbing 08:15am – ETA 90 degrees wall 09:00am – ETA Peak of Deception 10:30am – ETA Mabel’s Spring, water is available only if it rained in the previous days 10:45am – Resume trek, bouldering, will pass by “kiss the wall” 11:00am – Start of Knife-edged Ridge (slightly wide with mini-forest vs. misconception that it’s extremely narrow), rolling terrain, bouldering 03:00pm – ETA Mayo’s Peak, may have brief rest here or lunch, depending on actual ETA 03:30pm – ETA Bulod’s Spring, lunch 03:45pm – Resume descent, regular forest trail 04:00pm – ETA Magdiwang’s Camp 3 05:30pm – ETA Magdiwang’s Camp 2 06:00pm – ETA Magdiwang’s Camp 1 07:00pm – Out of forest trail, level trekking with river crossing 08:00pm – ETA DENR Tampayan, Magdiwang, Location N12.48268 E122.54974 09:00pm – Post Climb at Magdiwang or San Fernando Day 5 (SUNDAY) June 14 Departure from Sibuyan to Batangas 05:00am – Wake Up call 06:00am – Quick breakfast 10:00am – ETD for Batangas Pier (Please contact sir Remy for scheduled trips to Batangas from Sibuyan) Day 6 (MONDAY) June 15 Manila Return 03:00am – ETA Batangas Pier 05:00am – ETA Manila - See more at: Estimated Budget: P5k-5500,

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