Mr. Ruckman (2nd Launch) + One Sixth / Acid Slop / Oliver Paterson Beat Project

 13 June
 Grace Darling Hotel
 114 Smith Street - 3066 - Collingwood - Australia
 Kade Ruckman
Mr. Ruckman doing a second Melbourne launch at the intimate and cosy Grace Darling Basement, JUNE 13TH. Launching my new record Sooner or Later with captivating supports - 1/6 (Hip Hop / Soul) - ACID SLOP Raw Humps (Surf-Rock / Soul / Experimental) - Oliver Paterson Beat Project (Instrumental Hip Hop / Experimental) Set times to be announced shortly. $7 entry at the door. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Ruckman Equal parts of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul permeate the odes featured on Sooner or later, his latest album, a 13 song collection chock full of razor sharp observations of everyday life, huge hooks and a literate approach to reworking the Hip Hop schematic. A huge proponent of knowledge, freedom of speech and forward thinking, Mr. Ruckman is the "thinking man's" rapper of choice. He has paid his dues and is ready to break out big, and there's no doubt that Sooner or Later is the perfect calling card." With a keen eye for blistering social commentary and a rapid fire wit, this rapper has us scratching our head while simultaneously laughing out loud at his irreverent banter and impolite demeanour. Is it for real or is it just shtick?. It hardly matters because his new "Work" video is one of those must-see clips you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it. It's no wonder Mr. Ruckman wins all the battles down under when it comes to rhyming and flow, and his skills and savvy have never been more evident as they are on "Work". WORK (Video)

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