Movements (Presence) ~ Family Constellation W/end Wkshpre

 16 May
 Alive Centre Hampstead
  - - -
 Anu Azrael
16th-17th May 2015 Alive Centre Hampstead Cost: £140 per person Booking and more info see my website There are various ways that we can behave to remain unaware. One of them is by isolating ourselves from people. The other is to try to help those who are suffering in service of numbing out our own deeper feelings. Presence is often increased through having the courage simply to witness and feel. Family Constellation is the process by which we open space to witness tension and difficulty within the Family System and within the self, Possibly unlocking greater capacity for presence that is currently not active. “The Only way out is through”. In this work we find that there are deeper soul movements flowing through us that show us how closely binded to our family systems, their beliefs & their traumas we really are. These deeper movements support us to contact a deeper reality and to more fully embody our limitations. It is through staying aware of our limitations and agreeing to them that we sink into a deeper and clearer capacity to be present within ourselves, in our lives and in relation to others. See my website for more details on my work. Warmly Anu Azrael

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