Movements (Honoring The Dead) ~ Family Constellation W/end Wkshp

 16 May
 Alive Centre Hampstead
  - - -
 Anu Azrael
18th - 19th April 2015 Alive Centre Hampstead Cost: £140 per person Booking and more info see my website Family Constellation supports us to leave the past in the past, to let the dead rest and move forward in life we must first turn to face those who have passed on and honor them. In Family Constellation work we discover that we are not independent individuals but that we are connected members in much larger systemic fields, very often we get entangled in old trauma from generations past that prevent us from really taking ownership of the gifts that exist inside of us. This weekend will be a journey that leads us into feeling these entanglements with those who have past and will lead us out into space for new movements towards life to happen if they are ready to do so. Warm welcome. This weekend will include both Family Constellation and some ritual prayer. See my website for more details on my work. Warmly Anu Azrael

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