Mountain Expeditions

 07 June
 Manali, India
  - 175131 - -
 The Discovery Himalaya
Mountain Expeditions Book Your Date in June to Mid October Mountain climbing is all about challenge and perseverance, about putting hands and feet onto rocks and ice and snow and finally reaching a summit and, high above the world of cities and civilization, the climber can pause and look across a natural world ruled by nature and her raw beauty. The Discovery Himalaya gives you the chance to climb a Western Himalayan peaks while following a non technical route to the summit. With The Discovery Himalaya expeditions you can expect the good quality service and good quality equipment no matter which adventure you choose. We consider our mountain expeditions staff to be among the best in the field. Our itinerary has been carefully designed to allow for gradual acclimatization. We believe that by using this itinerary you will have a higher chance of safely summiting Peak and enjoying the experience. These expeditions would be suitable for a climber visiting the Western Himalayas for the first time. If you have never experienced mountain expeditions before with The Discovery Himalaya feel free to explore with us. The Discovery Himalaya organizing many peak expeditions in (2015) western Himalaya. 1. Mount. Deo Tibba High altitude 6001 mts Duration 11 night / 12 Days Location Manali 2. Mount. Hanuman Tibba High altitude 5892 mts Duration 10 night / 11 days Location Manali 3. Mount. Shitidhar High altitude 5250 mts Duration 7 night / 8 days Location Manali 4. Mount. Manali High altitude 5669 mts Duration 10 night / 11 days Location Manali 5. Mount. Friendship High altitude 5289 mts Duration 7 night / 8 days Location Manali 6. Mount. Ladakhi High altitude 5345 mts Duration 9 night / 10 days Location Manali 7. Mount. Stok Kangri High altitude 6150 mts Duration 9 night / 10 days Location Ladakh 8. Mount. CB 13 High altitude 6264 mts Duration 12 night / 13 days Location Batel ( Spiti) Note: we have more climbing and trekking peaks above of 4500mts to 7000mts. if you have your choice to climb any peak in Western Himalaya range you can tell us… So, join us in 2015 June to till Mid October Contact detail: Email: Phone no: +91 8988372586 Ajay

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