Moscow capoeira meeting. Workshops and Batizado Mestre Cueca

 28 May
 Moscow, Russia
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 Alexey Krupkin
Russian Center for Capoeira Российский центр капоэйры Cordao de Ouro is organizing the first big event in Moscow. You are invited May 28-31. More information coming soon! Registration: Preliminary guest list (many more in the near future) Mestre Edan Mestre Esquilo Mestre Udi Surfista Yabo Mestre Bruno Caverna C.M Guaxini Do Mar C.M Francisco Toicinho Toicinho C.M Erez Malka ContraMestre Maculele C.M Nadav Horrivel-Revivo Rosenzweig C.M Andrey Tá Russo Kudish C.M Tico Morais C.M Igor Capoeira Gailoa Prof. Baz Michaeli Prof. Ninja Alexander Rogozin Prof. Kfir Gato-preto Levi Prof. Pinga Fogo Inst. Regev Simba Malovani Inst. Elad Bujao Dgani Inst. Couringa Seth Green inst. Pipoca Pavel Kompaniez inst. Sapir Tamara Alegria General Schedule: 28.5 Adult Batizado and troca de cordao 29.5 specialization courses where you get to choose a 5 hour session with one of the main guests 30-31.5 weekend seminar with all guest including a special brazilian street party and performances * on saturday morning we will be having a kids festival and batizado happening parallel to the adult classes. Payment: *till 5 of May --- 6000 rub - all festival + batizado --- 5000 rub /100 $ - all festival for non-resident Moscow --- 1500 rub - only batizado After May 6: --- 7500 rub - all seminar + batizado --- 6500 rub - whole seminar for non-resident --- 2500 rub - only batizado train hard and play beautiful Axe! ******************************************************************* Registration for focus course- Mestre Edan- fighting: foundation to innovation. Capoeira is of course a Brazilian Martial art and yet the fighting aspect is subtly woven between dance, drama and ritual. It is a Martial art that emphasizes the Art. With over 30 years of martial art experience and a unique ability to simplify concepts and tequiniques, Mestre Edan chooses for this course to focus on the fighting aspect of capoeira. Distance management, timing, positioning, strategy, Elements from different martial arts and non- traditional techniques will be mixed with stories and jokes so identified with the style of this Master Teacher. Bruno Caverna- Play Fight - wisdom of liquid bodies Humans like all animals are playful by nature. Play is a process most conducive to improve motor skills, in the acquirement of new abilities, and underlies all creative responses. Play-Fight is an open invitation to retrieve a bodily intelligence severally compromised as we move towards adulthood. Our practice will be developed through improvisational partner-work embedded in principles of martial arts, such as Capoeira and Russian Systema, and Contact-Improvisation. Mutual trust will pave our way to enter into zones where in confrontational situations will be safely permeated by a collaborative group mindset. Partners are not to be confronted but to show our own limitations and possibilities. Guaxini do Mar- Capoeira Angola Movimento Novo Representing a new generation of high skilled Capoeira players, Guaxini embodies the essence of street capoeira angola from Salvador. His way of being keeps alive the spirit of legendary masters of the past. His Axe comes direct from the source and is infectious and refreshing. Train hard and play beautiful philosophy will come to life in this workshop. Mestre Esquilo- Corpo e Mente Mestre Esquilo displays extraordinary talent in all aspects of the capoeira art. He has inspired generations of capoeristas with his style of playing in the roda as well as his singing. In this workshop he will create a bridge between body and mind, between the physical and mental using the instruments as a bridge. Presenting research about the history of the instruments together with modern training dynamics this will be the first time this seminar is presented.

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