Monet, Da Vinci, and Van Glitter Glue

 15 May
 D137, Portland Building
  - - -
 Beth Dines
This week we are returning to primary school, serving some crafty creativity realness. More accurately, we are returning to your year 2 art class, where finger-painting and smothering your hands with PVA glue just to peel it back off was the norm. We hope to provide a break from your revision and coursework, and offer a place where you don't particularly need to use your brain. (However, we do really encourage that you wear old clothes that you don't mind being ruined by glitter glue and acrylic paint. You can even bring clothes to paint on purpose.) We will also have a movie or some chill music on in the background - up to you. So, yeah, hope you can join us and have a well deserved break to enjoy yourself. sayonara chums

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