Monday , 05-25-15 , Memorial Day in Clayton , Ca.

 25 May
 Stage at FD Station #52 at 0800 Hrs. ( 8:00 am ) , 201 John Muir Pkwy., Brentwood , Ca.
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 Military Escort Team
So, Many ceremonies will be held on this day, If you can't attend Clayton , then please support an Event close to your Area. Every year in Clayton , they have a Band member From Clayton Valley H.S. play Taps at the end of the Ceremony, the Band member stands at the top of the hill, just above the Flag Pole Area. Well, Our Girl Heidi has been chosen to be that Band Member This Year. So, Lets escort and support our Trumpet Player. We will met up at the Fire Station #52 , then roll over to Clayton via Marsh Creek Rd.

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 15 December, Thursday