Modern Masters 2015 2HG Booster Draft

 30 May
 Xtreme Games - Lindenhurst
 2082 E Grand Ave - 60046-9030 - Lindenhurst - United States
 Shannon Homan
MODERN MASTERS 2HG BOOSTER DRAFT 1:00-1:45 REG 2:00 START $40.00 Per Person 1 Pack per person added into the prize pool 2HG Booster Draft follows a somewhat different procedure than usual: The teams are randomly distributed into pods and the players of the same team sit together. After opening the first booster, each team selects two cards before passing to the left. These cards aren't assigned to a specific player, but rather form a common card pool from which both players will construct their decks. The process continues, picking two cards each time before passing to the left, until all the cards have been drafted. The order alternates between boosters as normal, going left-right-left-right-left-right. Matches in 2HG consist of only one game in which each team starts at 30 life; since there's only one game, Constructed 2HG decks have no sideboard. If the game ends in a draw, the players play a second game, and so on until one team has won a game or the round goes to time. Should rounds happen to go to time, the teams take three additional turns rather than the normal five. The members of each team sit next to each other on one side of the table, with the "primary player" on the right and the "secondary player" on the left (the choice of who is primary and secondary can change from round to round). This may be relevant if the two players on the team can't come to an agreement on a choice they must make, which creatures attack, or the order that multiple abilities are put on the stack; if so, the primary player is the one to make the decision. The primary player of the active team also draws first if an effect instructs multiple players to draw a card at once (and then the secondary player of the active team, then repeat this order for the nonactive team). Both players on one team share their life total, but not any other resources (cards in hand, mana, etc.). The rules for winning and losing are the same as usual, but with a few nuances: Players win and lose as a team: if one player loses, his team loses, and if one player wins, his team wins. Similarly, if an effect says that a player can't win or lose, his team can't either. For example, if a player controls Platinum Angel, his team can't lose. If one player concedes, his team leaves the game. If a team has 0 or less life, that team loses the game as a state-based action

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