Mobil fuel station boycott

 31 May
  - - -
 Kasey Coghlan
Just watched Campbell live. Mobil, the petrol company are refusing to decontaminate the land which their fuel storage tanks have sat on for years in downtown Auckland.They have told Auckland council (through lawyers) that their lease only requires them to tidy up to ground level and the residual known carcinogens are not their problem If a fuel company who have happily taken the profits from the fuel requirements of all New Zealanders for all these years do not see fit to clean up after themselves so the land can be returned to the people of Auckland for public use, then I believe a nation wide boycott of all MOBIL fuel stations is in order until they have a change of heart.... Spread this opinion far and wide if you feel the same...Lets see if people power and a reduction in the massive amounts of money they rake in every day makes a difference to them..... OX

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