23 May
 Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association
 1320 5 avenue NW - T2N 0S2 - Calgary - Canada
 Dimitri Baloukov
Official Time to Shine Afterparty! Event link: A fashionable and swanky wealth themed fundraiser. DRESS TO THRILL AND DELIGHT! TICKETS NOW LIVE! May 23, 2015 (9pm-1am) Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (1320 5 avenue NW, Calgary) Tickets $20 at the door, $15 pre-sale/with Time to Shine wristband. Call for contributions for the silent art auction! If you have items that you would like to donate to the fundraiser silent auction please post to the event wall or contact Pablo Elcuchillo De La Mora. We will help them find a great new home. :) Event will feature live art, great music, cash bar, art auction, bake sale as well as dazzling antics and shenanigans. You will be delighted! Performance details and schedule TBA. ************************************************************** PERFORMANCE LINEUP A Taste of Modesta's Burlesque Show: Prepare your eyes and hearts for the irresistible charm of burlesque beauties Vixxy Lush and Quincey Darling! These little flowers have been hand-plucked from the Gilded Orchid Collective burlesque troupe to dazzle you with their twirls, tunes, and tassels. Remember - you can look, but don't touch! These naughty blossoms have got thorns... Betty BootyBounce: Her tantalizing and passionate performance will leave you breathless. A perfect mix of movement and mystery. Not for the faint of heart. Ursa Minor: Spreading love in positivity through flow arts. Passionate about hula hoops and the culture that goes with it. Even more passionate about props on FIRE! Sarah Bella: Sarah Bella is a local dancer, model, lover, artist and gypsy. Movement frees her soul and she loves sharing her passion in every way. Her dance expresses her deepest self and she encourages you to do the same! DJs: Sam I Am ( D'Lazy Llama: D'Lazy Llama is many things behind the wheels of steel and lazy is not one of them. The Llama started DJ'ing over a decade ago in his hometown of St. John's, NL. From dirty electro to tech house he has been heating up dancefloors longer than most. Playing all around Calgary and at events, such as, Calgary Electronic Music Festival, Freezer Burn, and Burning Man. His high energy sets will make even hardcore dancers sweat and beg for more. The Llama is an animal behind the decks and you will thank yourself for getting to know the Llama. Smalltime DJs: Better than cat videos and summer time mimosas! This rump shakn', booty clapin' twosome brings back the boogie woogie hip wigglin' feel good sounds you forgot you loved! Smalltime Djs or STDj's as they are known in Europe, Asia and parts of southern Ontario consist if Osama Spin laden and Oprah Spinfrey, or simply just Phil-bot and BooJe... All that she wants is another night with Smalltime, a-whoa-oh! ************************************************************** EVENT BLURB From the creative minds that have brought you astounding feats such as: BUTT LAB, The Shitty Block Party and Dead Baby ****** Shots comes a whole new bag of diͼks. TRICKS. It's tricks... In alliance with the masterminds of the Grove Stage where they host such events as the Funk Jam, Meatloaf O'clock, The Queen of Tarts Cabaret as well as the Partytime's Bachelor/ette Auction. PRESENTING: MO MONEY LESS PROBLEMS! The Zombeez and the Grove wish to enthrall you in a tangled path of delight featuring antics, weird contests and bendy legged dancing. Dress to impress at this delightfully money themed fundraiser. Which is to say that cash on hand is a great idea. There will be no shortage of ways in which we will try to ply you for your spare change! If you love what The Zombeez have offered in the past you are going to be blown away by what we can accomplish when we actually HAVE money. New Bar? Yes please! More Shenanigans? Thank you! More surprises, More Debauchery? COME TO MAMA! After many long years together the Grove Stage Team is going on one last tour: THE GOLDEN GLORIOUS GOODBUY TOUR. The Grove has never traveled farther south than the 52nd parallel and are ready to make the jump to BIG TIME. This being the Grove's final season, your hard earned money will be going towards creating the most memorable going away Freezer Burn party we can throw. More funk to jam, more meat to loaf, 100% more lazers AND MORE. You had your Time to Shine and now it's time to splurge in style. Did we mention dress to impress? Bring copious amounts of bling and your deepest wallet! We look forward to seeing all you gorgeous guys and ghouls there! The Zombeez and the Grove Team ************************************************************** About: The Zombees and The Grove are groups of artists and builders who participate in the Alberta Regional Burning Man community. They organize and work together to create large scale installations as well as interactive spaces and experiences. These are gifted to the participants of the Alberta Regional events such as the Freezer Burn collaborative arts festival. This fundraiser is a collaboration between the two groups and is an effort to raise funds for the projects planned by these groups for Freezer Burn 2015. Time to Shine is a community based event that invites participants to show off the fruits of their labour. Kick off the festival season with flair! From vendors to performances and face painting there is something for everyone. Time to Shine event link: Freezer Burn event link:

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