MNSOC 1: Sage River (Reka Mudrets)

 16 May
 Twin Cities Airsoft
 2261 130th Ave - 54013 - Baldwin - United States
 Timmy Tambo
The first installment of MNSOC: Midwest MILSIM Operations. The year is 2017. August marks the ten year anniversary of explorer Artur Chilingarov’s expedition to the bottom of the arctic sea: The untapped oil and natural gas reserves located in the arctic circle have been claimed with Chilingarov’s planting of the Russian flag below the center of the continent’s land mass, 13,000 feet underwater. Vladimir Putin, during his fourth presidential term, has declared a secret war against the United States and its arctic allies of Norway, Sweden, and Finland in order to secure the untapped resources located there; Putin has made illegitimate claims to the land using falsified historical documents and treatises. Since 2014, both Russia and the Arctic Alliance have increased the scale and ferocity of their annual war games, essentially creating a second Cold War in the Arctic. What the Russians don’t know is that the United States, along with the rest of the Arctic Alliance, has successfully completed the construction of an underwater pipeline that allows for raw material transport to mainland processing facilities. Specialized underwater mining units were created, in secret, to complete this extraction. New intel has revealed a probable thread interception conducted by a Russian Spetsnaz team working close to the U.S./Russian arctic border, raising the alarm on both sides of this cold-front conflict. The situation has reached a tipping point. MNSOC 1 Sage River (Reka Mudrets): In January of 2017, a four-man fire team belonging to the Arctic Alliance SF-1 Group was forced off course during a training simulation due to severe blizzard conditions. The troops found themselves captured 13km from the demilitarized buffer zone between the United States and Russia: They have been subsequently transported to a Spetsnaz Black Site called Reka Mudrets (Sage River) in Northeast Armenia. These four men are thought to have been tortured since their capture as the Russians seek logistical information regarding the whereabouts of the secret pipeline to the United States, along with their underwater mining operations. Rescuing these POWs is of the utmost importance as the Russians, if successful, may have gained access to information about our weaknesses both in the arctic and here at home. We think it may be too late to mend relations with the Russian Federation and, as they may now realize their self-proclaimed arctic assets are being sucked dry by the United States and her allies, we fear Putin may take drastic steps in order to legitimize his country’s place at the forefront of Western opposition. AA SF-2 has been tasked with bringing these men home. We have topographical data of the AO but an orbital NNEMP beaming device is inhibiting satellite imagery and the use of drones: The last available images show a significant number of Spetsnaz ground troops in and around the village of Yenokavan who we suspect are operating out of the Saroyan Castle just West of there.

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