MLEKOTEKA LONDON- II Breastmilk Stories Circle

 31 May
 South Croydon
  - - London - United Kingdom
In the end of May, we celebrate The Breastfeeding Promotion Week. In Poland that I come from it is a special time. Many events take place, and we are part of this big celebration. But with us the official language will be english,of course. It is NOT a meet up for breastfeeding mothers only. It is a circle, circle of power and joy, circle of desire to be together and share. We, as parents, need it a lot. If you are expecting a baby, please, come to find out more about breastfeeding and its validity for whole family (especially the baby and mom) If you are breastfeeding family, come to share your pride and we will be more than happy to admire you. If you really wanted to breastfeed but it was not possible for you, please, come to release any blockades to be released, maybe you feel guilty and need people that will make you sure it's unjustified? Maybe you want to show that love is not only the feeding way and need people to share this assurance with you? Breastfeeding is a way of parenting, is a way of feeding, the way of love and life so if you agree, come and enjoy. This event will take place in my garden, so whole families are welcome to come. Please bring some snacks to share. Gentle breastfeeding advice avalaible.

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