MK Pilates Matwork Stage Two

 28 May
 The Hammond School
  - CH2 4ES - Chester - United Kingdom
 Michael King
Course Details 4 Days : 32 Hours Prerequisite: Stage 1 Matwork or appropriate equivalent training This programme is designed to introduce you to the original Pilates repertoire of 34 movements along with modifications and variations. The goal is to create a larger body of work to enable you to move your fundamental group mat work clients toward a more challenging traditional repertoire whilst still adhering to the Michael King Method protocol. We learn the movements, transition, appropriate stretching and class formatting. For each movement we develop a rating allowing us to more easily design the class format for the appropriate level of the group. The course also involves homework and a focus on teaching skills and self practice. This course is not a physical test, the aim is to help you understand what areas of your own physicality and teaching practice needs attention. Course Includes: Four 8-hour days. Manual Recommended 40 hours practice time The Original and Modified Movements, purpose adaptations and progressions for each. Muscular initiation and sequencing. Visual skills, looking for proper execution of the exercises. Effective communication, verbal cueing and effective imagery incorporating breathing and relaxation techniques. Teaching different techniques to increase body awareness and aid relaxation. Assessment Assessment Video Evidence Video of intermediate level class (1 hour) minimum 5 class participants Video of self practice executing the same class plan as class video Course Paperwork: Marketing text promoting new improver/intermediate class Lesson Plan for Intermediate Class Self evaluation of class video Self evaluation of own practice video Written evaluation of 3 Advanced Moves To Register

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