Mission Trip To Moldova

 28 May
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 Darryl Womack
I need your help. I will be leading a team once again to Hirbovat, Moldova. This is the village in Moldova where our Church established a Church in 2012. The congregation is growing and we have had the honor of supporting one of our members who has been in Moldova since September to assist with the work. We are excited to be joining her and the congregation for more work this summer. Mission work is something that I invest a lot of time and I know that God has used my efforts. The trips are hard and tiresome but when we see lives changed all the effort is very well worth it. I am not asking all my Facebook friends but only those that I feel understand the purpose. I also am not asking for any one person to fund my trip but I am looking for several friends who are willing to make small contributions. I have been faithful to support others on their mission trips and if you help I will continue that trend with you. I have to have $2500 and it will be due on March 31st. If you will help send me a message and I will send you my address and instructions on how to make your contribution. Thank you and may God Bless you for your support.

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