Minnepsych Fest: Holy Wave + Chui Wan 吹万 + Flavor Crystals + Magic Castles + DJ Loud Panda (aka Ricky from the BJM)

 18 May
 The Turf Club- Clown Lounge, St. Paul, MN
  - - Saint Paul - United States
 Enrique Maymi
Chui Wan is a four-piece experimental psychedelic rock band from Beijing, China. They get their name from Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi's ""Qi Wu Lun"" (齐物论), a mystical work on the relationship between nature and human life. The spirit of Zhuangzi's thought is reflected in the modern Chinese idiom: ""谓风吹万窍,发出各种音响。"" – ""When the wind blows, every sound may be heard therein."" Inspired by this concept of seeking the infinite from the mundane, the core of Chui Wan's sound is formed by the improvisational compositions of multi-instrumentalist Yan Yulong and guitarist Liu Xinyu. Their lush arrangements of guitar, keyboard, viola, other assorted instruments and random sound samples often eschew reliable melodies and vocal harmonies in favor of occasional passages of minimal drone or maximal sonic layerings. Bassist Wu Qiong and drummer Li Zichao provide a stable ground floor from which the band can continually float away http://downloads.maybemars.org/album/white-night Minneapolis, Minnesota's Flavor Crystals toured with Beijing's Carsick Cars across North America in 2014 and released the popular YOKO/MIRROR IN MY MIND split 7" with Carsick Cars on Genjing Records for that tour. After having made their second album 'Ambergris' with legendary producer Kramer, they did an extensive tour of North America supporting the Brian Jonestown Massacre which built on their following and created a national fan base that they have continued to elaborate on largely by word of mouth around the world. They will be on this tour promoting their upcoming, fourth album 'Shiver of the Flavor Crystals' Split 7" w/ Carsick Cars http://genjingrecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-7-6

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