Milton Jones

 22 May
  - - -
 Newcastle City Hall
Loud-shirt wearing ‘Mock the Week’ regular Milton Jones is back on the road with a brand new show. With a heady mixture of bizarre and hysterically surreal one-liners, Jones weaves a hypnotic web of lunacy. He stands head and shoulders above most other comedians out there. He’s a one man laughter factory, and ‘Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft’ is bound to be a hoot. The show is loosely centred around a rip-roaring quest to find buried treasure, but will Milton find that the best treasure is to be found in people’s hearts? Hopefully not, driving a shovel through someone’s chest can be inconvenient at best. Yes him with the loud shirts and messed up hair from Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo, Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow and multiple series on Radio 4.

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