Midlands Meander Video Theme Song

 31 May
 Midlands Meander
  - 3290 - Howick - South Africa
 Charles Webster
Brief for song for new Midlands Meander video The general idea: upbeat, fun – have a look at Exploring Canada video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cotGh4Lu29M Song should be approximately 2 minutes in duration. Thematic hints: - Following the Midlands Meander map on a quest for adventure - Thrill of waterski, tubing, canopy tour, mountain biking - Mountain biking on the Karkloof trails, whizzing through the trees - Escaping big city stresses and “letting your hair” down in the beautiful countryside - Hiking through majestic mountains, a new perspective - Road-tripping with friends along country drives - Tempting food and wine, made with country care - Fun of buddies browsing through unique and quirky shops - Encountering wildlife - big game, beautiful birds - Fishing on tranquil dams, landing “the big one” - Farm life –cows, goats, horses, chickens, - Cascading waterfalls – Howick Falls and Karkloof Falls - Natural beauty – dams, flowers, grass, landscape (green hills, blue skies), farmland - Clear, changing country skies and clouds - Humbling and inspiring experience at the Mandela Capture site - Taking time out and making memories with family and friends - Spending quality time with someone special, love and romance abound! - Planning for your “big day” – wonderful weddings on the Midlands Meander Link to YouTube Midlands Meander competition footage: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23mymidlandsmeander Further information: Midlands Meander website – www.midlandsmeander.co.za How to submit: Get your song submission to Charles Webster in decent quality digital format BY THE END OF MAY. Only one song will be chosen. Credit: Artist will be credited whenever the song is used. Credits will appear at the end of the Meander video. Terms of payment: the creator of the chosen song will receive R2000 as a once-off honorarium for the Midlands Meander’s exclusive and ongoing use of the song in a variety of marketing platforms.

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