Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino A Harmonic Sound Meditation Journey with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Mongolian Overtone & Undertone singing

 29 May
 Namaha, ch de la chevillarde 49, 1224 Chêne Bougeries, Suisse
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 Candida Valentino
Open to anyone who wishes to bring consciousness to their world of sound & vibration externally & internally. Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino are musicians and therapeutic sound practitioners. They are the UK's most experienced Mongolian Khöömii Harmonic Singers, and have been leading Meditation sound journeys with Tibetan Singing Bowls and other sacred sound instruments for the past 25 years. Michael has run sound immersion and sensing sessions with the whole spectrum of special needs children, people with dementia and mental health issues and both Michael & Candida give Therapeutic Sound Massages sessions. Michael and Candida have been blessed to teach Mongolian Khöömii by keepers of the tradition, Tserendavaa and Gereltsogt and for the past 20 years have taught the transformational nature of sound through inspirational Tibetan Singing Bowl, Symphonic Gong, Overtone Singing, Mantra and Trance Drumming workshops. www.namaha.ch Cost 30CHF Booking info@namaha.ch

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