Michael Bastine and SiMu Brooke Becker Speak on Healing and Wisdom

 15 May
 The Roycroft Print Shop, 21 S. Grove St., East Aurora NY 14052
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 Haunted History Ghost Walks (HHGW)
Friday, May 15 at 7:30pm Michael Bastine The SONGS of the ELDERS The NATIVE AMERICAN WAY of UNDERSTANDING and Brooke Becker LISTEN to the HEART A SHAMANIC JOURNEY into the SPIRITUAL CENTER $20 for the Evening. View poster here http://hauntedhistoryghostwalks.com/Friday-Speakers-Final.pdf ABOUT MICHAEL BASTINE: Algonquin elder and Spirit Way Project co-founder Michael Bastine is one of the Northeast’s most respected Native teachers. From the perspective of ancestral wisdom, Michael guides us to hear things we never knew we ought to be listening for: the signs of the animals, the voices of the ancestors, and the moods of the earth and sky. Join him for an inspiring evening at A Brighter Light, the Spirit Way Project Spring Conference 2015. Michael trained under a number of impressive Native mentors, including Cayuga healer Peter Mitten, Seneca elder Beeman Logan, Tuscarora author and healer Ted Williams, the Cherokee/Shoshone shaman Rolling Thunder, and the inimitable Tuscarora medicine man and activist Wallace “Mad Bear” Anderson. An author, a media guest, and a nationally-known speaker and teacher, Mike was one of six “Eagles” (representatives of North America) summoned to the 2003 Asheville, N.C., conference of Native shamans and medicine people remembered as “The Eagles and the Condors.” He was the only speaker there under 70. ABOUT SiMu BROOKE BECKER: For a A Brighter Light, empathic SiMu (“Mother Teacher”) Brooke Becker creates a welcome respite in sacred space in which souls can shelter and let go. The selves that voyage outward will do so with renewed confidence, trust, and wisdom. As writing, reflection, and movement are involved, guests are encouraged to bring journals and wear comfortable, loose clothing. The workshop includes: · The Four Chambered Heart Meditation · Qi Gong Exercises to Unblock the Emotions · The Sacred Circle · The Chakra Alignment · The Ceremony of the Crystal Singing Bowls A Multi Dimensional Therapist trained in many modalities, SiMu Brooke is one of three teachers in the U.S. who has been given certification to teach the very esoteric Hua Shan Pai Qi Gong. Among her most influential mentors SiMu Brooke counts SiFu Gus Rubio, SiFu Kenny Back Chin, and the visionary third generation Scottish Osteopath Hugh Milne.

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