Mesmerize 《旧欢如梦》坣娜演唱会

 20 May
 Esplanade Concert Hall
 1 Esplanade Drive - 038981 - Singapore - Singapore
 Ding Yi Music Company
Watch as the company goes pop for the first time in collaboration with famed Taiwan singer and actress Tang Na, whom also notably emerged champion in an international competition held in Japan by CBS/SONY back in 1988. Accompanied by the musicians from Ding Yi Music Company, Tang Na will be bringing to you a lineup of her nostalgic classics, rearranged and presented in a brand new perspective by the ensemble. Notably, one of her hit songs Free to Love You came from her song album, also titled Free to Love You that was voted the most well liked Chinese music record globally by Americas MTV channel in 1996. 一把空灵的声音,一个美好的时代 坣娜,经过生命历练的空灵声音,飘逸而感性,听她轻缓地唱着歌,感受穿越灵魂的抚慰。 在鼎艺团的合奏下,坣娜除了演唱自己的代表作品《奢求》和《抱紧一点》,也将重温一个时代的声音。不管是《夜来香》《情人的眼泪》《今宵多珍重》,还是《人生何处不相逢》,这些来自岁月远方的歌,将温润你我美好的记忆。 Ticket Pricing: (Excludes Booking Fee) Standard: S$108, S$88, S$68, S$48, S$38 Esplanade Box: S$108 Premier Box: S$108 Restricted View: S$48, S$38

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