Memorial Day Croquet

 25 May
 Berwyn Park
  - - -
 Benjamin Dionysus
This Monday, May 25th, will be the eighth anniversary of drinking gin in the park while smacking balls through wickets: MEMORIAL DAY CROQUET!! We'll be meeting in the Usual Place, the wide open field in Berwyn Park, between Sheridan and the Lake Shore Path. If you see Sheridan, you've gone too far West. If you see the Bridge, you've gone too far East. As a reminder, in this as in everything the Wearing of White, the Playing of Croquet, and the Drinking of Gin are NOT MANDATORY. Mind you, I personally have been waiting almost a full year to stride confidently through the brush, mallet in one hand and G&T in the other, clad in purest shimmering samite, &c. Um, white samite specifically.

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