Memorial Day Cookout -- Celebrate all the things!

 24 May
 K House
  - - -
 Kendall Brown
So we've got a ton to celebrate! Kendall just had her survivor-versary (and was super lame for the first time and didn't do anything on the actual day.) Danny is going to be in town, and he and J will both have just had birthdays (sorry J, you know I can't not make a deal about it.) Plus, people have just had babbys, and bought houses, and gotten jobs, and done all kinds of cool shit (Cat will just have hiked the Grand Canyon!) So come let us celebrate you while you celebrate yourself and everyone else too! I'll have the firepit going for hot dogs and smores, and if people want to grill out whatever else, I'll borrow a grill from someone (since my wee one was lost in the great stormpocalypse.) I'll have some sort of birthday cake for the birthday boys. As always, I'll have some drinks -- but it's safe to assume it's BYOB. Bring whatever stuff you want to throw on the grill or sides to share. If you've got kiddos, they're welcome (and you know I'm always loaded down with kid-friendly stuff at the K House.) If any of you stupid talented people want to bring anything to play music, then awesome, otherwise I'll have my phone hooked up for anyone and everyone to play DJ. Come take advantage of the K House's giant backyard, hopeful nice weather, and no work on Monday! Let's celebrate all the things!

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