Melville and Robbins

 21 May
 Talking Leaves Books, 3158 Main St., Buffalo, NY
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 David Landrey
MELVILLE AND ROBBINS AT TALKING LEAVES DATE: MAY 21, 2015 TIME: 7 PM LOCATION: TALKING LEAVES, MAIN ST. STORE Come and join a discussion of Moby-Dick and Sherry Robbins’s or, the Whale. We will focus particularly on four chapters from Moby-Dick (“Loomings,” “The Whiteness of the Whale,” “The Symphony,” and “The Chase—First Day”) and on the four related poems in or, the Whale; but the discussion may move in any di-rection in the texts. WE INVITE ANYONE TO SEND COMMENTS, POEMS, ETC. TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE AT ANY TIME. The event is conceived in connection with The Year of Melville, being held at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, NC, where there will be a three-month reading of Moby-Dick interspersed with and followed by presentations by people from various fields. We hope that there will be subsequent related events at Talking Leaves, where copies of or, the Whale are available. Additional information will continue to be posted on Facebook. For now, if you wish, you may call David Landrey at 863-0347.

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