Melting Pot Show #4: Sour Sedans, LillyBrave, Foxfire, Cory Landry

 30 May
 Blue Moon Saloon
 215 E Convent St - 70501 - Lafayette - United States
 Sour Sedans
The Melting Pot Show is a concert series in which the bands involved trade & play one another’s original songs. Join us for a fun, unique concert event at Blue Moon Saloon! Here is the Melting Pot Show #4 Program: Sour Sedans 1. "Memory Gospel" by LillyBrave 2. "Kalifornia" by Cory Landry 3. "Departure" by Foxfire LillyBrave 1. "She's Got My Love" by Sour Sedans 2. "Sunshine" by Cory Landry 3. "Eclipse" by Foxfire Foxfire 1. "Bleeding Kansas" by LillyBrave 2. "Turn On Your Radio" by Sour Sedans 3. "Tonight" by Cory Landry Cory Landry Music 1. "Every Time the Sun Comes Up" by LillyBrave 2. "Existence" by Sour Sedans 3. "Au Revoir Shoshannah" by Foxfire

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